The “Theotokos” Foundation is an NGO Charity and non-profit making Organization providing specialized services to people with mental and or profound and multiple learning disabilities and to their families.

A human being like you and me

The objective of our efforts is to help people with disabilities enjoy equal living conditions and dignified living standards in their family and in society. These people should be able to adjust their life as people with no disabilities, having the same abilities and enjoying equal opportunities.

We deal with each human being’s personality individually, by respecting his or her life, hobbies and dislikes. We deal with these people’s needs appropriately with due care.

We trust their personal skills. We support and accompany them by all available means and foster their performance, whenever it is deemed necessary and desirable.

We are strongly opposing any aggressiveness against the right to life of the persons with disabilities. We acknowledge people with disabilities contributing to our life and our society’s cultural and developmental process becoming enriched.

The “Theotokos” Foundation was established in 1969

upon the initiative by Dr Americos Argyriou, paediatrician, aiming at giving accommodation, paying attention and offering medical care to our fellow citizens with severe mental disabilities and or profound and multiple learning disabilities, providing relief to their parents too. It was established during a period when such services were hardly provided either by the State or private initiative in Cyprus, which further to this deficit did not dare accepting persons with disabilities, failing to embrace what is different. Since then to present time, the “Theotokos” has become a Foundation providing full services to persons with mental and or profound and multiple learning disabilities since their birth throughout their life, providing also support to their families. It does so relying on the invaluable contribution and support by people socially sensitive and having compassion on others, on its Boards of Administration and all its partners. Furthermore, it carries out its activities through programs on early intervention and special education, the centre of daily care keeping people busy, the art workshop and by ensuring supported and or protected living conditions.


It is a Charity non-profit making organization and its aims are:

  • To ensure the human dignity and the right to life are respected
  • To foster self-determined involvement
  • To promote inclusion and finally
  • To foster solidarity.

The Theotokosis supervised by the Social Welfare Services of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance.

The “Theotokosfoundation tries to achieve its objectives in all sectors of life

The “Theotokos” helps actively promote social involvement of persons with a disability, whenever it is possible to do so. Involvement in all sectors of life throughout lifetime becomes achievable and is supported by the foundation.


  • The “Theotokos” is very experienced on the disability issue. This knowledge is diffused everywhere. Therefore, co-existence is successfully ensured. Inclusion in as many sectors of life as possible is fostered through co-existence.
  • The “Theotokos” tries to achieve its objectives through programs implemented successfully, whenever this is deemed necessary. The rights of persons with a disability are the foundation’s priority.


Early Childhood

Each child should, from its early life, belong to its family, group or society. Social involvement and inclusion become true by the co-existence in the family and in the neighbourhood. The “Theotokos” wishes through the early accompanying and consultancy services, receive people. The parents of a child with a disability should experience encouragement, support and be properly guided. They should consider their life positively and determine it again. They need emotional support and professional consultancy. The “Theotokos” Centre for the Development of the Child’s Skills, named after “The Almaprovides early consultancy and intervention services in the context of the very first meeting with the parents.


The “Theotokos” foundation considers seriously the basic right of each person to education according to his skills and talents. Therefore, each one may enhance his personality and individuality. Children may learn since their pre-school age but mainly while attending the nursery school, that diversity and being different is a normal condition. In the daily interaction with others they learn that each man has a value, no matter his abilities or his weaknesses.


Cultural Events and Leisure Time

They get involved in the community’s life mainly during leisure time and in the cultural field. Accompanying persons with disabilities in these activities is, therefore, a particularly important function undertaken by the “Theotokos” foundation. People may through their involvement in leisure time and cultural activities enjoy their hobbies and develop their skills. They may quite simply have some rest or communicate with others, having some fun jointly with them.


Employment, Work

Each person with or without disability has the right to employment and work. People feel, therefore, productive and experience recognition for their performance. They may use and develop their skills accordingly. Cooperation and communication with others is appreciated by them. Persons needing huge support should not be deprived from such experiences. The Art Workshop and the Centre of Daily Care Keeping People Busy provide people with severe and or multiple disabilities with the opportunity for individual involvement in meaningful activities indeed. These people may, in this context, become active and productive, through communication and cooperation.


Living Conditions

Accommodation and housing are considered basic human needs. All the citizens have the right to enjoy their own private space and their privacy too. They all need to be given the opportunity to develop their personal vision and their expression and live accordingly. Each man needs interaction with others. Creating Home Centres in the neighbourhoods in the towns by the “Theotokos” foundation becomes, therefore, a hugely important fact. The residents are given the chance to be in contact with the neighbours and enjoy mutual support. These Home Centres are not far from the market, the practitioner or public services and they may all have leisure time in somebody’s company. An answer is, therefore, given to the question asked by many parents: “How things will be with our child when we leave this world?”

Our Fair Financial Governance ensures the Quality of the Services provided

We take care of our work keeping going through a financial and strategic planning. The means available are used by us to the benefit of people with disabilities and we do so consciously and with a full sense of responsibility.


Our aim is to enlarge constantly and improve the provided services. This will result to an updating of the quality of life of these services’ beneficiaries.


Our financial sources come from the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance (as part of the State budget), from the residents’ allowances, donations and own sources (from events organized by the Association of “Theotokos” Friends.


However, these sources are not enough to ensure our work will keep going, develop and improve.


Please support us in our work, so that we may support in our turn the families, the children, the teenagers, the adults who have the birth right to live and enjoy their life in society and not be excluded from it.


Supporting the work done by “Theotokos” by anybody is very welcome in the form of:

  • Donations in cash
  • Subsidies or donation of items
  • Buying our Art Workshop products
  • Getting involved in the volunteers program

Thomas Katsionis

Director of the “Theotokos” Foundation



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