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Sunday, 15 November 2015 05:17

Theotokos Foundation

Historical Overview

Personal Deposition by Dr. Americos Argyriou


About three years ago, at the request of our many friends and supporters we circulated a short “History of the Center for Preventive Paediatrics” in the form of a “Personal Account” of the writer.

The limited number of copies of that quickly run out. Our decision to republish and limit the narrative to the history of the Center put us in a difficult position as we failed to mention the circumstances that lead to its creation. The “THEOTOKOS FOUNDATION was the impetus behind the creation of the CENTER FOR PREVENTIVE PAEDIATRICS”.

Honoring our obligation towards the eternal problem of “Mental Disability”, we will try to set out the facts that will allow the reader to appreciate the involvement and contribution of the “Theotokos” Foundation in the confrontation of this serious social problem.

It should be noted that, due to the considerable interest shown by the many English speaking friends of the Foundation, some of whom provide voluntary help to the residents on a regular basis, we decided to add an English version.

Mental Disability remains the biggest and most widespread problem in society. It is a scourge for every society no matter of what religion or social class. It affects that which is most valuable – our children. Whatever the social standing of the family or the cause of the handicap, the presence of a mentally handicapped child adversely affects all members of the family. It causes psychological trauma, disrupts and destabilizes family life. It is unique in that it is a life – long problem with little possibility of therapy and in many cases without a known cause. Undoubtedly the educational level, the social standing as well as the financial situation of the parents are factors that have a bearing on the family’s management of the problem. And it is natural that the problems will be greater in those countries where there is a lack of specialized legislation and state services providing guidance and funding.


Greeting by the Director of the “Theotokos” Foundation

Thomas Katsionis

I felt great joy when the intention was announced by the founder of the “Theokos” Foundation, Dr. Americos Argyriou, to write and publish the book entitled “THEOTOKOS” FOUNDATION - Historical Overview – satisfying in this way the long – standing demand of all those engaged in the provision of services to people with disabilities, their parents and their families, as well as all those who know first hand the sensitivities and social contribution of the doctor.

The establishment and operation of the Theotokos Foundation 40 years ago, and later on of the Center for Preventive Paediatrics, a result of the genuine love of the author towards our suffering fellow men, constitute a comprehensive approach which covers the prevention of mental retardation which results from metabolic disease or/ and hearing loss, the provision of early intervention services and early specialized preschool education to infants and children from birth until their seventh year of age, as well as the care and housing of people with disabilities.

The doctor’s book constitutes an important contribution towards the field of recording policies with regard to people with mental disabilities in our country, as well as towards the recognition of the role performed by the voluntary organizations “Theotokos” and the Center of Preventive Paediatrics, for the implementation of support programs for people with disabilities, their parents and their families.

I warmly congratulate Dr. Argyriou on his precious book, which can be a source of reference and study regarding the problem of mental retardation in our country.


Thomas Katsionis

Director of “Theotokos” Foundation


The book of Dr. Argyriou can be purchased from the Theotokos Foundation.


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